Month: January 2011

  • Numeric type conversion to std::string and vice versa

    In our real applications we have to convert from strings to integer or to real variables and vice versa (double/float/int variable to std::string). We can realize these conversions using C style CRT function or we can try C++ approach via STL. continue…

  • Flexible changes for product version properties – Visual C++ binaries

    Manually editing of binaries version in the resource editor of Visual Studio IDE is not a viable solution. If we have dozens of projects in our solution, then for each kit building we should need manual resources file edit. Otherwise, we can use a special tool that does this thing for us. Unfortunately this approach is not the most flexible and could fail. For our flexible binaries properties changes and in order to avoid manual edit for each rebuild we can create and include a header file (version.h) that contains some constants of product version and file version of our project (.rc files). We have to include only these constants into this file (version.h): #define PRODUCT_VERSION #define PRODUCT_VERSION_STR “” Then, for each .rc file wherever we have FileVersion and ProductVersion we have to use this constants. When we will build a new kit, we have to change only these constants and then to start the kit building process. Everything is fine until we add new controls in our projects resource files. Then, because of Visual Studio IDE automation we can get an unlikely surprise: the FileVersion and the ProductVersion properties could be reset to In order to avoid this issue and edit the version only in a single place I propose the following workaround.

  • Simple Pictures Unifier – first version

    Have you just returned from vacation and you have a lot of pictures? You just downloaded your taken pictures and you got your friends pictures, too? Then, probably, the pictures are scattered, with a random order in your computer. Would you like seeing pictures from all sources in order of events happening? If so, try to sort your photos using Simple Pictures Unifier tool! 🙂 Simple Pictures Unifier application Please, feel free to add comments, suggestions or bugs reports to this application. Any constructive feedback is sincerely appreciated. Thanks you!