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My name is Silviu Ardelean (full name Silviu-Marius Ardelean) and I am a Romanian software engineer working and living in Germany’s Bodensee area.

Starting my career by teaching students software engineering labs at the University of Petroșani for personal reasons I held approx. two years a system engineer, ERP and database administrator position to Hidroelectrica in my parent’s town, I always knew I want to continue my high school big passion: the programming.

After the Master degree, I was hired as software developer by Siemens VDO Automotive working for Advance Driving Assistant Systems solutions based on radar/lidar and video camera images processing (computer vision). Later, during a ski accident recovery period, being contacted by the lead security company BitDefender and I got a senior software developer position in the central team of business security solution, the Management Server team being involved in the development of all product modules (server, management console, and management agent) and additional tools. Not willing to relocate in Bucharest to my company HQ at their proposal I remained in Timișoara to Saguaro Technology as an advanced software developer, team lead and architect for an application for the printing industry.
Later, I had the opportunity to be part of a great team, the Visma Global team, as senior software developer developing the VAF framework, CRM & Global ERP solutions for the Scandinavian markets.

Due some personal reasons I decided to accept the Avast offer and from September 2018 I am working for a world software security leader.

More details about my career you can find on my Linkedin page.

My ambition/passion is to design and create new innovations and solutions, continue learning new things, inspire/assist colleagues and customer in finding the best solutions.

Highly skilled
– Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)
– Designing new application features
– Application / Framework Architect
– Relational Database Analysis & Design
– Technical Assessments
– Requirement Specifications
– C / C++ 1x / STL / Visual C++ / C# / .NET / SQL
– Strong debugging skills
– Good communication skills
– Languages (Romanian, English and German)

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