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    My name is Silviu Ardelean (full name Silviu-Marius Ardelean) and I am a software engineer working and living in Timisoara, Romania. Starting the programming passion in 1995 at the beginning my high school studding Informatics with Turbo Pascal and later with C / C++ and other modern technologies and programming languages such Java and C#. I have a Bachelor of Computer Science (B.S.) and Master of Science (M.S) in Automatics and Industrial Informatics to University of Petroşani. I started my career as assistant teacher to University of Petroşani, teaching software engineering labs. Later my career involved less two years period of system engineer and database administrator and after that I started working exclusively in software development positions only for companies such: Siemens VDO, BitDefender, Saguaro Technology and now Visma Software. More details about my career you can find in my online resume or to Linkedin. I am a dynamic, self-motivated and enthusiast person with a great work capacity, able to work in stress conditions and to learn a lot of new things, open to the new and able to adapt on the fly to new requirements. I am speaking: English (professional working proficiency), German (limited working proficiency), Romanian (native or bilingual proficiency), French (beginner – limited understanding). Computers are not my only interested field. I’m interesting in technique, logic, financial, music, cars, photography and sports such: tennis, soccer, jogging, swimming and ski. Follow me: Twitter Linkedin Google Plus (G+) Delicious Facebook Pinterest Stumbleupon Codeguru LOCATION Timisoara, Timis, Romania (View on Google Maps) You can find more about my country, here E-MAIL my_email