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Fun IT – 2011 Collection

Here it is a collection of funny topics that I met this year in my daily activities. In case I will get new info, the topic will be updated!
Nobody is perfect and especially the software! 🙂 But it’s nice to immortalize funny things.

Chatting with a virus
Few weeks ago I was chatting with a virus. A friend of mine just got a Yahoo Messenger virus and unsealed it to me. 🙂

After that I emailed to my friend and his computer is safe now.

Mission Impossible in Eclipse

This year I was involved in a Java project using Eclipse IDE. Once day I tried to export few files in a .jar and I got impossible situation to close the export dialog: all the buttons where disabled and when I tried to close the window using Alt+F4 or X button I got next message error.

The only solution to escape this message box was to kill the Eclipse process. Fortunately, the issue didn’t reproduce second time.

Idle 41 years

This summer, my Pidgin chat application shown over 41 years of Idle status for one of my high school colleagues. He is 30 years old. The issue was fixed when he turned back to his computer.

An original way to say “Happy Birthday, Austria”

26 October is the National Day of Austria. On this occasion, Google Translate wished Happy Birthday Austria in an original way.

The translation from Deutsche to Romanian of “Happy Birthday Austria! See you soon!” is “Happy Birthday USA! See you soon!“. Today, 14.11.2011, the issue still exists. So Enjoy!

Pidgin relapses
Today, 15.12.2011, according to Pidgin 2.7.11 one of my office colleagues was out of office over 41 years.

Out of Memory – Yahoo mail
Few days ago I was visiting few private insurances companies. One of the most friendly company’s employee staid close to me with her laptop. In the moment she tried to send me a PDF file by email using a Yahoo email I was delighted with an amazing message error:

The using browser was IE 8 in Windows 7. It’s amazing how she got out of memory at line 1. I don’t thing Yahoo writes all the code in one line (even if the don’t use CR + LN). 🙂

Hungry boy – Google Chrome 5

My currently default bowser is Google Chrome. I use it more then 90% of my browsing time. I like it because it’s launching so fast, is a secure broswer, respects major W3C standards and has an interesting application architecture. Each tab is an independent process and if appears some troubles in one process, you can stop that process only, without loosing other Chrome’s tabs (processes) data.

Unfortunately, two weeks ago, watching few slides presentations over I was shocked by a Windows message on my laptop (Windows 7 Ultimate x64 OS): “Your computer is low on memory. Save your files and close these programs: Google Chrome.
What the hack?!

Windows special MessageBox

I closed that window and I investigated Task Manager in order to detect witch process was using my memory.
I was socked again when I saw that one Chrome process was using even 701 MB!

huge used memory


Memory graph

The main Google Chrome process had 13 tabs: 8 tabs contained presentations, one with and the rest normal web pages.

Console2 application fail

The tests for my job tasks sometimes involves the execution of command line applications. One year ago I used for a while Console2 application because of nice features (transparency, easy copy+paste, etc).

I stopped using this application when I saw how it behave when I searched an application with a little bit complex command sintax.

Console2 fail

So, I returned to cmd.exe. 🙂